Small Chinese Takeout Boxes –  Weighing the Merits and Demerits

Chinese takeout boxes

History of Chinese Takeout Boxes

The Small Chinese takeout boxes have long been used for delivery and takeaway. Paper takeout boxes first appeared in the United States and were inspired by the art of Japanese origami. The first Chinese takeout box was patented in 1894 and was akin to a wooden oyster pail. 

This pail quickly became an icon of Chinese cuisine in the U.S., and its introduction coincided with the rise of the Chinese food industry. A new type of takeout box has made its debut: a to-go coffee carton in recent years.

Features of a Chinese Takeout Box

  • A Chinese takeout box is a single-serving portion of Chinese food. Its size is determined by the amount of food being placed in it. The typical Boxes are sixteen ounces, and they’re often sold in boxes of 200. 
  • If you want to make your own, use cutting software to make the boxes in any size you want. Hence, this type of Boxes is fully customizable, and the design is completely customizable. Whether you want it to be tall or wide, Chinese takeout boxes are an excellent way to make a unique design that will be sure to get noticed.
  • Chinese boxes are easy to assemble and can hold a small gift. They don’t require much space in a kitchen and will not create a mess. Moreover, they can also be stored in a stack without closing their tops. 

Different Purposes for Chinese Takeout Boxes

The Small Chinese takeout boxes are an excellent way to express endless love. The size and shape of these boxes can be customized. For instance, if you want to give them as gifts, you can choose from a wide variety of colors and designs. 

custom Small Chinese takeout boxes

As the name suggests, Chinese takeout boxes are ideal for food packaging. You can purchase a small box for one meal or order several for a large order. Therefore, you can use the same Chinese takeout box for many other purposes, including a wedding.

As a Decoration

Chinese takeout boxes are a great way to decorate your kitchen or dining area. These boxes come in many sizes and styles and are perfect for storing anything from small appliances to household items. Indeed, they are also quite sturdy and can be covered with fabric or hard decorative paper to add strength and beauty to the item. 

As a Gifting Box

A Chinese takeout box is an excellent choice for gift giving. A single box can hold small gifts and accessories or be decorated with decorative paper. These boxes are eco-friendly and are an excellent choice for packing sweets, desserts, and other foods.

However, if you are making a large Chinese takeout box for a gift, you can add a handle on the top to make it more appealing. Once the box is filled, add a lid and tie a ribbon around the box for a festive touch. 

For Events, Party Favors

They are indestructible and are perfect for any occasion. If you have a friend or family member who likes Chinese food, you can consider purchasing some beautiful Chinese takeaway boxes for their birthday, wedding, or anniversary. 

You can even buy custom Chinese takeout boxes as wedding favors, and you can use the wonderful color scheme to add a personal touch.

As Storage of Accessories

Chinese takeout boxes can also be used for other purposes, apart from serving as gift packaging boxes. They are perfect for holding small gifts or accessories. They are also convenient and can be printed with any design you want. There are three different sizes of Chinese takeout boxes available for sale. You can download these as a pdf file and print them out for future use. And remember, you’ll never have to worry about leakages.

Colored Papers

Another unique way to create a custom takeout box is using different colored papers. You can choose from a variety of colors and even make your own custom Chinese takeout box with buttons and laces. For example, fill the box with candies, chocolates, or whatever you like, and you’re ready to serve your food. 

Similarly, you can download a free template and print the necessary information if you need more boxes. Then, you can print them out. They can be used as gift boxes for other gifts, too.

Sizes for Chinese boxes 

A Chinese takeout box is an excellent choice for gift giving. Whether it is a Chinese food gift or a small gift, of course, these boxes are a perfect choice. They are also easy to make and are available in three sizes: large, medium, and mini. 

Small Chinese takeout boxes wholesale


A Chinese takeout box can also be used for other kinds of food. You can buy a large one for your restaurant or a small one for gift giving. You can also purchase wholesale Chinese takeout boxes to carry other types of food at Premium Cosmetic Boxes. They are eco-friendly and can be reused. 

So, you can buy as many as you want, but be sure to choose the right size for your needs. A small box is just the right size to keep all your treats safe. Hence, these Boxes are not only a great way to give a gift but are also useful for packaging other items. Also, They come in different sizes and can be customized to fit any size. 

All in all, if you want to make one for a gift, you can purchase a large one, a medium box, and a mini box. And in case, if you want to make custom takeout boxes, you can always have a paper copy made for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Are small Chinese takeout boxes environmentally friendly?

A: Small Chinese takeout boxes can vary in terms of their environmental impact. Also, These boxes are made from biodegradable or compostable materials, such as bamboo or sugarcane pulp, making them more eco-friendly.

Q2: Can small Chinese takeout boxes withstand hot food?

A: Most small Chinese takeout boxes are designed to handle hot food items. Also,They are typically made from materials that provide insulation and protect against heat.