Guide to Choose Macaron Boxes for your Business

Custom Printed Macaron Boxes

Macarons are a confection that never goes out of style. So, choosing the right packaging for them is essential. Customized macaron boxes can be used to display your macarons most impressively.

They can be made in any shape, size, or design, and they can also be decorated with high-tech printing options. If your macaron business is more than just a one-time event, consider ordering custom-designed boxes for your customers.

What do you need to consider while selecting Custom Macaron Boxes?

When selecting custom-printed macaron boxes, you should consider the type of packaging you want to use. Hot stamping, for example, produces raised imprints, while embossing creates depressed imprints

For larger orders, you should opt for offset printing, which offers the best print quality but requires more time to set up. In any case, it is necessary to keep in mind that changes to the design can delay the process.

The ideal macaron boxes should be durable and attractive. They should also be attractive enough to catch the eye of your customers. It is recommended to buy custom-made macaron boxes from a reliable manufacturer if you want to maximize your profit potential.

Buying in bulk will also help you reduce material waste and shipping costs. The right boxes will also help you make your macarons look more appealing to your customers and become brand ambassadors. It’s not difficult to choose the perfect macaron box if you know how to pick the right ones.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive macaron box, choose rigid boxes or cardboard boxes for shipping. It’s the perfect size for mailing and presenting custom-made macarons at a wedding or special event. It’s also possible to find decorative boxes made of acetate and other materials.

A custom-made box will give you even more options if you want to decorate the box yourself. If you’re buying a lot of boxes, make sure to check out a few different designs before making a final decision.

Custom Macaron Boxes

Macaron Box Packaging

Macaron packaging boxes are available in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some of them are round with clear sliders, while others are made of cardboard and Kraft paper.

These types of Boxes are commonly used for macarons, but you can also find them with window sliders and non-clear sliders. If you want to cater to the needs of little kid customers, consider creating a special box for these macarons.

Macaron boxes are generally made of 350gsm white cards, which gives them a clean, bright appearance. Besides, you can choose a color scheme based on your target audience. Orange is a great color for food packaging because it stimulates the appetite

Other colors such as blue, green, and purple can be used, too. Make sure you use a professional’s eye to choose the right colors for your macaron packaging. They are also a great way to give your macarons stylish packaging. For all occasions, you can find a macaron box to suit your style and theme.

How can you Customize your Macaron Boxes?

Type of the Box

While macarons are usually sold in single or multi-flavor trays, you may be looking for boxes that can hold more than one flavor. These boxes can be a convenient way to protect your baked treats from external factors and keep them fresh and tasteful.

You can also find macaron Boxes that are foil-lined or matted. These are available in different shapes and sizes and are usually made of premium materials. A variety of styles and colors are available.


There are several different material categories for macaron boxes, including corrugated boards, kraft paper, and aluminum. These materials are a good choice for a variety of uses, such as graduation hats, anniversaries, and weddings.


Macarons come in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that matches the theme of your party.  If you want to offer different flavors or logos, you can print on them. If you are a baker, you can choose a contrasting color for the windows. Using a contrasting color is another great idea.

The best macaron boxes are made of clear plastic, and they come in various designs. A window box packaging allows customers to see the inside of your product. A window box will add some extra character to your products.

If you want your products to be more attractive, choose a rectangular box. A square or circular one will provide a more attractive presentation. A handle on the bottom of the macaron container makes the packaging more appealing. When you are buying single-piece macarons, opt for a round or oval-shaped container.

Brand Customization for Small Macaron Boxes

Macarons come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, and it is important to consider the size when purchasing a box. If you’re a brand, a custom macaron box is a great way to advertise your brand.

Custom box packs should be able to withstand a lot of abuse. When the box is customized to fit the product, it will be attractive to the recipient. You can even have it personalized with the name and logo of your company.

A custom macaron box is a great way to show your brand pride. A custom design on the box is a great way to increase your brand’s visibility. This is because a customer can see what’s inside, which increases trust and creates a more attractive display.

While most people buy them in the same color, you can customize them to reflect your business’s style and message.


A macaron box will give the product its distinctive look. You can personalize a box with small toys and decorations. For instance, if you are a baker, you can customize a macaron box with a cartoon character or a character.

Whether you are a bakery or a party planner, a box will make a perfect gift for any occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect macaron box for your event, self-packaging will give it to you.

Another reason to use this style of packaging is that it prevents the macarons from spilling or mixing. The perfect combination for a macaron-filled macaron has a matching insert.