Empty Vape Cartridge Packaging With Never Ending Customizations

Vape Cartridges Boxes

Do you need empty vape cartridge boxes to help you raise your sales? If that is the case, you are in the right place. Premium Cosmetic Boxes provide a variety of modification choices to let you create unique and original Empty Vape Cartridge Packaging.

Our packing materials provide a stable foundation. You can express your creativity using the many color models, add-ons, and finishing coatings. We give our customers the liberty to bring in their ideas. 

“In a world of endless choices, custom vape cartridge packaging is not just a container, it’s a canvas for creativity and brand storytelling.”

However, if you need some assistance, our templates can help. Please ensure that the boxes are created according to your specifications. Please correct any errors using our various prototyping possibilities. Contact Top Packaging Company in USA today to create stunning empty vape cartridge boxes!

Vape cartridge boxes provide a lot of possibilities. They might be a useful tool in meeting your marketing objectives. They can also help you with branding. Finally, they can influence how your organization markets.

Empty vape cartridge boxes are mostly used to keep cartridges. However, because of their size, they have various applications.

Materials For Empty Vape Cartridge Packaging

Packaging materials determine the reliability of vape cartridge boxes in this scenario. Empty cartridge boxes can be made from a variety of substances.

Our selections can assist you in creating robust dank cart boxes or empty oil vape cartridge packaging.

The following are the various alternatives we provide.

Cardboard Packaging

This material is lighter and less durable than the other alternatives. Cardstock, on the other hand, provides excellent print quality. As a result, it can be used to create eye-catching and appealing designs.

Kraft Paper Packaging

This is one of the most commonly utilized materials in vape cartridge cases. It has a vintage look and is not glossy. This gives your buyer a sense of what’s inside the package before they open it.

Rigid Paperboard

This is the most basic material for making vape cartridge packaging. It is available in two varieties: printed and unprinted. The unprinted material is the more durable of the two. Nevertheless, laminated paperboard stiff packaging material with a glossy finish is suitable for printing.

Corrugated Packaging

This material is suitable for manufacturing long-lasting empty cartridge cases. Moreover, several types of cardboard and corrugated are on the market nowadays. The corrugated material can be customized to include several fluted layers. The strength of the empty cartridge boxes increases as the number of fluted layers increases.

Colors Options For Customization

Color models and printing methods are inextricably linked. Some color models might assist you in creating bright colors. Simultaneously, others can assist you in transforming the oil vape cartridge packaging into branding instruments.

We have the following options available.

  • Color Model in PMS
  •  Color Model CMYK

Color Model in PMS

This variant is a lovely way to incorporate brand colors into your dab vape cartridge packs. This choice produces stunning results and has a significant influence. Furthermore, you may easily color-match the various settings.

Color Model CMYK

This device prints the design onto the empty vape cartridge boxes in cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. Because of their propensity to produce brilliant prints, these colors are commonly used in printing.

Add-ons To Make Your Vape Cartridge Boxes Appealing

Add-ons help you differentiate your package from the competition. Also, Add-ons can help you provide a personalized touch when making wholesale empty oil cartridge packaging.

We provide a variety of add-ons to help you make an enduring impression.

  • Patching Windows
  •  UV Spot
  •  Debossing and Embossing
  •  Stamping with heat

Patching Windows

This add-on lets you give your consumers a sneak peek at what’s inside. It also gives you an idea of how your packaging can seem from afar.

UV Spot

This add-on is ideal for creating eye-catching images on standard and glossy surfaces. Spot UV also improves contrast in printing by adding highlights to your graphics.

Debossing and Embossing

This option is great for making eye-catching packaging. However, many empty vape cartridge boxes must be ordered simultaneously.

Stamping with heat

This add-on should be used if you want to create stunning graphics on metal. It is also perfect for creating logos with detailed embellishments.

Coating For Mesmerizing Outlook

Finishing coats provide numerous advantages to the empty packing of your vape cartridges. They can aid in completing the aesthetic while improving the boxes’ visual appeal.

We provide a variety of choices to assist you in attracting potential customers from a distance.

  • Finishing Coat, Matte
  • Finishing Coat in Gloss
  • Finishing Coat Varnish
  • Finishing Coat with a Soft-Touch


This coating provides your empty cartridge boxes with a consistent appearance. It also conceals any surface flaws.


This coating is ideal for producing spectacular designs with simple appearances. This coating may make numerous colors pop and create beautiful images on the packaging of vape cartridges. It also provides long-term durability and increased glossiness, which will appeal to customers.


This coating is excellent for concealing surface scratches and defects on vape cartridge packing. It can also produce a smooth and glossy surface that will entice clients.


This solution is ideal for making your vape cartridge cases more durable. It features a matte finish that will conceal any surface flaws.

Why Choose Us For Packaging Boxes?

There must be more to tell about us as we are an experienced packaging firm. Moreover, manufacturing custom vape packaging and vape cart packaging for several years. Without compromising the quality. 

Our clients trust our service, so we don’t compromise on the quality of your product. 

Moreover, Premium Cosmetic Boxes provide numerous customization possibilities to help you stand out in today’s market. We can also assist you in marketing your items to the general public by making your packaging stand out. We have you covered, whether you need 1ml cartridge packaging or evaporate cartridges’ empty packaging. Please get in touch with us right away!