Things to Learn About E-Liquid Boxes Customization


E-liquid has various names such as e-juice, and vape juice. However, e-liquid is a form of liquid that is converted into vapor by an e-cig device. Hence, there are so many e-liquids that are available in the market. 

E-liquid always requires to have good packaging. So, grab beautiful boxes for your e-liquids. 

Do you want to encase your e-liquid in custom e-liquid boxes? If yes then read this blog post and get to know a few things in which you can customize e-liquid boxes nicely. However, it will assist you in branding. 

Everyone desires an expressive way to customize e-liquid boxes. There are so many different companies out there offering nice packaging for e-liquids. However, get the nicest one.

Let’s make your e-liquid boxes look fabulous 

Select the Best Material for E-Liquid Packaging

There are so many materials available in the market for your e-liquids. Get according to your choice. You can avail of eco-friendly materials as they are good for the environment.

Moreover, there are printing options available in the market for e-liquid boxes. Convey your decided artworks to the experts available in the market and get your products wrapped in nice packaging.

Following are some of the famous materials available in the market:

Eco-Friendly Kraft Box Packaging

Kraft box is enough sturdy material to protect your products from the adverse effects of the environment. Kraft is a biodegradable and eco-friendly material. 

Furthermore, Kraft materials are lightweight. It is easy to carry kraft boxes. However, this material is good enough to protect the material.

Card Stock E-Liquid Box Packaging

This material is lightweight. However, due to its nice texture, it supports printing processes easily. Moreover, you can change its shape according to the product. It supports local shipment and is graphically customized easily.

Corrugated E-Liquid Box Packaging

This type of material is thicker than cardstock and kraft material. However, you can increase the thickness of the corrugated sheet according to the product requirement.

This type of box supports international shipment well. However, it comprises liner boards and flutes. You can customize the thickness of the flutes.

However, the packaging companies offer different types of flutes from which you can select. 

Rigid E-Liquid Box Packaging

Rigid boxes are of a high standard. You can customize these boxes to make them look more appealing. Moreover, this type of box is used for international shipments. 

However, the rigid box is used for a luxurious range as well. You can avail of any option box according to your objectives.

Enhance E-liquid Boxes by Putting on Coatings

Embrace e-liquid boxes, with beautiful finishes you can avail of different kinds of finishes to make e-liquid boxes look attractive. However, the coating is essential for the product’s packaging. 

Hence, it protects products from various damages. To lock the color of the product, you need to apply a coating over it. However, coatings available in the market are matte and glossy. Moreover, the matte coating gives a satin kind of finish, and glossy gives a shiny appearance.

The gloss coating provides a shiny finish. However, it also enhances the box to shine in the light. It makes the box look so elegant. 

Whereas the matte coating gives a satin finish and does not reflect in the light. Moreover, it doesn’t have an appearance like a gloss coating. However, it gives a dull matte effect in this coating.

Don’t Go Overboard With Labels

Yes, you need your custom e-liquid boxes to feature custom artwork. However, it is not necessary to have them covered with labels. Be mindful of how much the labels are increasing the weight of your package because this affects shipping costs too. The best idea would be to make sure that all pertinent information regarding your product is printed on the boxes themselves.

Match The Image Of Your Brand To Your Packaging

If your e-liquids carry a fun image, then the packaging should also be in sync with these themes. Similarly, if you are selling luxury brands, then the custom e-liquid boxes that you receive should reflect this in their appearance too. One way of doing this is to use fine materials that are treated for a rich look and feel.

Avail Great Printing Options

There are great printing options available in the market. However, avail printing patterns to make boxes look enticing. 

The following are some features that you can avail of for your boxes.

· Spot UV Hot Stamping 

· Die-Cutting 

· Embossing & Debossing

· PVC Window Die-Cut

Adopt Cost-Effective Approach

To have more boxes grab a cost-effective approach. Moreover, you can avail of Hemp packaging wholesale to save your costs. Hence, they give special discounts for wholesale boxes. However, it is a cost-effective approach to have boxes in bulk quantity.

Moreover, you can choose your choice of material for e-liquid boxes with the help of the best packaging company. Moreover, you can have many kinds of graphical prints and hues to make your e-liquid boxes look awesome. However, you can customize it beautifully to make the packaging look attractive.

By adopting custom packaging features, you can make your e-liquid boxes look unique. Moreover, select the right packaging company as there are numerous packaging companies in the market to customize boxes.

For having good packaging, company professionals play a good role. You can present your artwork to have more nice packaging. 

Competent companies provide mock-up videos efficiently. So, you will have the sample idea by availing mockup video. Then you can select your e-liquid packaging box effectively.